Qanawat embrace business growth strategy that respond to market opportunities and challenges, during 2018 the company identified that the market of Mobile phones accessories will continue to grow as the usage of smart phones will continue to increase not only as a personal device but also as a business tool that many business will depend on, and the importance to have reliable and high quality mobile accessories to keep the devices running all the time.

The company have selected MiLi, one of the leading mobiles accessories manufacturers and  Qanawat became MiLi strategic partner and exclusive partner for the Middle East and North Africa.

Our mobile accessories

Smart Storage

With the newest addition to the MiLi iData storage series, the iData Air, you can wireless save and transfer pictures, video and other files to and from your mobile device.

Power Banks

Fast charging power banks with easy and convenient wireless charging. Simply place your device on it to get powered up instantly.


The fastest, easiest way to charge your devices. The MiLi smart cable station minimizes tangled cables and saves space


Simultaneous charging and data transfer, connect your device to the USB port of your MAC, Windows PC or wall outlet for fast syncing and charging.

Smart products make a better life!

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